Craig Copeland

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The Annual: 2012 - National Academy Museum


The Sprouting - 2010 - 60" x 12" x 11" - Marble

"The Sprouting" (above) - a composition of six recent marble carvings by Craig Copeland - was shown in the National Academy Museum's 186th Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary American Art, from January 25 to April 29, 2012.  The show featured emerging and established artists selected by a jury of National Academicians. The Annual is an inter-generational exhibition of both members of the Academy and non-Academicians that offers an opportunity for the public to view new artistic directions in contemporary American art by artists from across the continental U.S. and Hawaii.



The Sprouting, 2010, at the National Academy Museum
(Lex Braes' painting, "Holding Pattern No.11," is beyond)


The Sprouting, 2010, at the National Academy Museum (Lorraine Shemesh's painting "Intersection," is beyond)


The Sprouting, 2010, at the National Academy Museum, Salon Gallery, Floor 4